Conservatory Of Flowers

1870’s Victorian Conservatory With Over 1,700 Plant Species

The Conservatory of Flowers located in Golden Gate Park, this beautiful glass greenhouse is home to a diverse collection of rare and exotic plants from all over the world.

One of the oldest public conservatories in the United States, the Conservatory of Flowers was built in 1878 and has been a popular attraction ever since. It features five galleries, each showcasing a different type of plant life. The Lowland Tropics Gallery features lush rainforests and waterfalls, while the High Altitude Gallery showcases alpine plants and flowers. The Aquatic Plants Gallery is home to a variety of water lilies and other aquatic plants, and the Palms and Cycads Gallery showcases a collection of palm trees and cycads. The Special Exhibits Gallery features rotating exhibits on a variety of botanical topics.

In addition to its beautiful collection of plants, the Conservatory of Flowers also offers a variety of educational programs and events. Visitors can participate in guided tours, attend lectures and workshops, and even participate in hands-on activities such as planting seeds and propagating plants.

The Conservatory of Flowers is open to the public seven days a week, with admission fees ranging from $7 to $10. Children under the age of four are admitted free of charge. It is an easy and affordable way to enjoy the beauty of nature in the heart of San Francisco.

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San Francisco 94118 CA US
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