Albion Castle

150 Year Old Four Story Castle With Caves

Albion Castle in San Francisco has a long and interesting history. It was originally built in 1870 as a brewery called Albion Porter & Ale Brewery by an English immigrant named John Hamlin Burnell. After the passage of the 18th Amendment, which instituted Prohibition in the United States, the brewery was closed and the building was converted into the Albion Water Company, which bottled and sold drinking water from the cisterns in the castle’s underground caves.

The castle has also been used as an art studio and party location, and has been owned by various individuals over the years. It is currently owned by the Gilbert family, who are planning to bring back the water bottling business that was originally started by the castle’s founder. The castle is also known for its underground spring water, which is one of the only natural water sources that cannot be contaminated and could potentially be used as an emergency water supply in the event of a nuclear attack on the city.

You have to book events and can’t just show up to visit it!

Innes Avenue 881
San Francisco 94124 CA US
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