Saving Money In The Home

Once you move out and get your own place you soon realise how expensive it is to run your own home. Gone are the days of leaving your heating on all day or having a 20 minute shower because you’re the one who now needs to pay for all these services. At skip the bus we’re all about saving money so here’s are some basic ways to save money in the home for other things.

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Cheap Airport Parking

Airports can make a fortune from people leaving their cars in designated car parks. If you leave your car at an airport while you’re on holiday, it could end up costing you a fortune. There are, however, steps to reduce the cost. So if you’re heading for a sneaky little weekend away, or getting ready for the big family holiday, you’ll want to know just what to do so you don’t end up having a nervous breakdown on the way to the airport. Continue reading

Targeting Business Security

If you’re a small business owner you may be struggling to establish your business online and manage your services in cyber space. Many set up shops or sites that hold client information without giving much regard on how to keep this data correctly secure. This is usually because money and time are often already tight enough, however if you don’t you could be setting yourself up for a far greater loss. Continue reading

Student Funding For Courses

It’s now that time of year where all of the high schools students have had their A Level results and are now are looking to make that next step to college or university. One area that causes a lot of confusion and concern is course funding. As a school pupil you will have spent the last 14 years getting a free education and now suddenly that is at an end. Continue reading

Best Train Advice

Often overlooked as a way of getting from A to B when you’re planning a short trip or day away, train travel in the UK is at the highest level its been in quite a while. And while this doesn’t mean that train carriages are fully occupied form station to station, the rise in passenger number is in part due to the fact that it has become much more affordable. Continue reading